Wax Melt Advent Calendar


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It's (almost) the most wonderful time of the year.
Pre-order your wax melt advent calendar! 


Try a new scent every day

This is the perfect Advent Calendar for the wax melt & candle fanatic in your life.

Countdown to Christmas with 25 holly, jolly, Christmas-y wax melts. Enjoy a brand new scent each day. Don't worry- each wax melt will release up to 20 hours of scent (enough to last all day!). 

Start a new family tradition

Enjoy unwrapping & sniffing the 'scent of the day' with your family this Christmas season. Since this is a very limited-edition product, you'll be able to sample exclusive holiday scents in your wax warmer. 

Melt with Santa 

Surprise your family by pairing this calendar with with the Santa Wax Warmer for an über-festive experience. 

How does the pre-sale work?

We have opened the pre-sale for the Wax Melt Advent Calendar. In order to move this product into production, we need a minimum number of people to pre-order it (like #Kickstarter). If we reach our minimum #, then we'll get to work on making the calendars & will ship them by mid-November. If we don't reach our target calendar sales, then we will fully refund everyone and call it a day! 

If you want to see this calendar come to life, please pre-order it and share with your friends! :) We'd love to make these happen. 

NOTE: Discount codes will not work with this product. 


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