No. 5: Lemon Macaron


Lemon Macaron Waxpops (1/8 lb)
Lemon Macaron Waxpops Lemon Macaron Waxpops (1/8 lb) Lemon Macaron Waxpops (1/4 lb) Lemon Macaron Waxpops (1/2 lb) Lemon Macaron Waxpops (1 lb)

While we love handmade macarons, we're way too busy to make them ourselves. Instead, we crafted this buttery, creamy, lemony fragrance. If you could bottle the scent of a french bakery, this would be it. 

Pro Tip:

Do you have guests coming over? Skip the speed cleaning and pop a Lemon Macaron waxpop in your warmer. Your home will instantly smell clean and inviting. 

NOTE:  Our measurements refer to box dimensions. Actual weight may vary slightly. 
Meyer Lemon, Sweet Cream, Orange Zest & Vanilla
Each Waxpop holds 20-25 hours of scent. We recommend changing melts whenever you can no longer smell the fragrance.
Simply place 1-3 Waxpops in your electric wax warmer, turn your warmer on, and fragrance should fill the room within 15 minutes. If you would prefer to keep your hands clean when switching Waxpops, we recommend purchasing our Waxpop Tongs for transferring the melts.
Waxpops are not edible. Please store Waxpops in a safe place away from children and pets. Do not leave a wax warmer unattended when in use. While Waxpops will function in most tart warmers, we recommend using the wax warmers that we provide on our website with our products. 

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