FRESH medley


FRESH medley
FRESH medley FRESH medley FRESH medley

An assortment of clean & natural scents. 

We’ve curated 5 uplifting scent blends for a clean home. Try 1 melt in each fragrance; our mighty wax melts hold up to 20 hours of scent! Mix & match or melt each pop on its own. 

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Once you've sampled the melts, you can vote for your favorite scents here and we'll give you $5 off your next order! Popular scents will be featured in a full-size box. 

Lemongrass Lotus
Lemon Macaron
Frosted Lavender
Spring Cotton
Spa Day

Each Waxpop holds 20-25 hours of scent. We recommend changing melts whenever you can no longer smell the fragrance.

Simply place 1-3 Waxpops in your electric wax warmer, turn your warmer on, and fragrance should fill the room within 15 minutes. 

Waxpops are not edible. Please store Waxpops in a safe place away from children and pets. Do not leave a wax warmer unattended when in use. While Waxpops will function in most tart warmers, we recommend using the wax warmers that we provide on our website with our products.