Golden Rings Wax Warmer


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Use with wax melts for flameless scent in your home!

This clean white wax warmer with metallic gold bands makes this a great addition to any home or decor. These pluggable warmers can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base, making them ideal above counter outlets in small rooms and spaces. This warmer emits a soft glow from the halogen bulb without the hazard of soot, flames, or pollutants. 

How to Use

Simply place 1-3 Waxpops in your electric wax warmer, turn your warmer on, and fragrance should fill the room within 15 minutes. 

Product Details

Solid white with gold rings.
Replacement Bulb: 15 Watts

How to Clean

While the scent will evaporate, the wax will not. When you can no longer smell the fragrance in the melts, simply remove the warming dish from the warmer and place it in your freezer. After 10-15 minutes, the wax will contract and will easily pop out of your warming dish. 

For more tips & tricks on cleaning your wax warmer, check our blog.