How To Clean Your Wax Warmer

Need to remove the old wax from your warmer before changing melts? This process is actually pretty simple. You can either go with the hot or cold removal, here are the instructions for each: 
This method involves re-melting the old wax before removing it. Turn on your electric wax warmer (or light a tea light if you're using a manual warmer) as you normally would. Allow the wax to melt slightly around the edges of the bowl, then use a paper towel to carefully remove the softened wax. You can also let the old wax remelt completely and use a paper towel to soak up the old wax. Please use extra caution when working with hot wax. 
This method involves removing the bowl/dish with the old wax from your wax warmer and placing in in your freezer for 5-10 minutes. As the wax cools, it will contract & become smaller in your wax warmer dish. After 5-10 minutes, remove the bowl from the freezer and use a butter knife (if needed) to pop out the old wax. This process is much cleaner and easier than the hot removal, but it does require removing the dish from the warmer. 

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