Smells Like Christmas

Smells Like Christmas

Hosting relatives for the holidays? Adding a few wax melts to your warming dish can give your home a fantastic 'pop' of scent that will set the festive mood. 

What type of Christmas scents are best for your family?

1: Sweet, creamy scents. 

Most people crave something sweet and creamy around the holidays. There's something about these scents that remind us of handmade Christmas cookies and visits to the bakery. Almond Cookie is the perfect creamy cookie blend. 

If you're craving something nutty, Praline Pecan is your go-to. Praline Pecan is possibly our creamiest scent blend. If you love warm, sweet smells- pop some 'PP's in your warmer. 

2: Minty, fresh scents.

Does the smell of candy canes make you feel like a Christmas elf? If so- you're not alone. Our studio smells like Santa's Village all month long, thanks to our Peppermint Bark wax melts. It's a deliciously fresh blend of sugar, a touch of vanilla, and fresh peppermint. 

3: Merry Berries

Sometimes, we just need that perfect blend of cinnamon and winter berries to feel that Christmas spirit. If you like spicy notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg or sweet scent notes of berries and strawberries- Snow Day belongs in your warmer.  

4: O, Christmas Tree! 

Finally- the real showstopper. Just because you bought an artificial tree doesn't mean your home can't have that fabulous piney scent. 'White Pine' will make your false tree smell like it was just chopped down. 

Time to get melting! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! 

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  • Shelvie: August 22, 2018

    What are the best brands of wax melts my wax melts smell burnt as soon as the scent goes away and they don’t last very long just would like name brand wax melts that work better than others

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