How to Use Waxpops

How to Use Waxpops

Welcome to the wonderful world of melting wax!  Keep your home safe with flameless scents while also enjoying longer burn times from your products. 


Simply take 1-3 wax melts from the box, remove the paper lining, and place in the dish of an electric wax warmer. Turn your wax warmer 'on'. The heat from the light bulb (or warming plate, depending on your model), will melt the Waxpops in the dish. As the melts melt, the fragrance will dispense into your home. 

Each premium Waxpop holds 20+ hours of fragrance. When you can no longer notice the scent, it's time to change the wax in your warmer.

Click here to see tips on changing the wax in your warmer. 

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