How to Mix & Match Fall Scents

How to Mix & Match Fall Scents

We love fall scents. They bring back so many memories of bonfires, chilly mornings & crisp leaves. We crafted a collection of fall scents that has something for every fall-aholic (you're in good company!). 


Changing Leaves
(Pine + Cedar Leaf + Spiced Fruit)

Smells like all of the best parts of fall. Spiced fruit scent notes wrap around rich woodsy scent notes of pine & cedar leaf to create this enchanting autumn blend. This scent is perfect for transitioning your home to fall. This wax melt fades from green to orange- perfectly mimicking the colors of changing leaves.
MIX & MATCH: for a spicy, cinnamon-y kick, add some 'orchard cider' wax melts.

Orchard Cider
(Apple + Cinnamon + Orange Peel)

A rich, citrusy & fruity scent blend. Enjoy scent notes of juicy red apply and rich, spicy cinnamon in these wax melts. These melts fade from red to cinnamon in your wax warmer. As one of our strongest scent blends, these wax melts will fill a large room with scent quickly. 
MIX & MATCH: for a fruity cider blend, mix with 'Cranberry Bellini' wax melts.


Cranberry Bellini
(Cranberry + Orange + Ginger)

Smells like brunch: boozy, fruity & happy. Our take on ‘brunch’ smells like Cranberry Bellinis (bottomless, of course). If you can't make brunch, pop some 'Cranberry Bellini' melts in your wax warmer and enjoy scent notes of cranberry, orange & ginger. These wax melts fade from a light pink to a deep raspberry color. 

MIX & MATCH: for a fruity cider blend, mix with 'Orchard Cider' wax melts.



River Birch
(Birch Wood + Sandalwood + Black Pepper)

It's back! One of our former company's (Honeymoon Candle) best-selling scents has returned as a wax melt. This is a spicy, musky blend of birch tree, black pepper & sandalwood.  Enjoy the cool spiciness and warm wood tones in these wax melts- PERFECT for a chilly day. These melts fade from a cool light grey to an icy dark grey. 


Cuddle Weather
(Lavender + Tobacco + Vanilla)

Our #1 selling scent blend (Hygge) is making a cameo in this medley pack, aptly named 'Cuddle Weather'. This is our coziest, comfiest scent blend that fits perfectly in the transition to fall. Grab a comfy blanket, good book & pop some of these melts in your wax warmer. Save this one for a cozy day! 



Grab the medley pack.

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