How To Choose a Wax Warmer

How To Choose a Wax Warmer

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose a new wax warmer. Thankfully- we've put together a guide to choose the perfect wax warmer for your space.


'What's a wax warmer?'

Wax warmers are designed to safely heat wax melts to disperse the fragrance in your home.

Electric wax warmers heat the wax melts with an internal heating element or light bulb. 
Manual wax warmers heat the wax with a tea-light candle.  



We recommend a pluggable wax warmer for smaller spaces, such as offices, bathrooms, or small bedrooms. The smaller warming dish and light bulb give these warmers the perfect  scent throw for small spaces. Using one of these wax warmers in a large room will give a light scent throw.  

These wax warmers plug directly into the outlet. Pluggable wax warmers have a rotating plug, so you're able to rotate them to fit vertical or horizontal outlets.   



We recommend a large wax warmer for your bigger spaces, such as living rooms, kitchens, or large bedrooms. The larger light bulb allows this wax warmer to heat more melts and strongly disperse scent to a larger room. If you prefer a very strongscent throw, you may also use these wax warmers in smaller spaces.  

We also recommend a 2-in-1 wax warmer for your larger spaces, such as family rooms, dining rooms, or master bedrooms. If you prefer a very strong scent throw, you may also use these wax warmers in smaller spaces. 

These wax warmers have a hidden feature: they also function as candle warmers! Simply remove the top dish and place a candle on the warmer. Now you can melt candles without an open flame, too! 



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